Location:Ashland City, TN

About Angela420: My name is obvious... I’m not shallow. I’m not stuck up. I’m not mean. I drink I smoke. I’m legal. I’m not perfect. I like when people make me things. I feel bad when people buy me things. I love hugs. I give hugs. I’m spontaneous. I take too many pictures. I think with my heart. I’m impatient. I can adapt anywhere. I love kids. I’m a peace maker. I was forced to grow up too fast. I listen. I love adventures. I like shiny things. I’m not high maintenance. Im not ashamed of what I’ve done. I love make up. I stare at people. I’m single. I love dancing. I don’t judge. I am trust-worthy. I have a big heart. I laugh alot. I talk to who ever talks to me. I’m random. I love my music LOUD. I am straight.